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Hello peps!!!…….Im back again😊…..and right now I want to introduce to you my new jimdo website!………Please do support my website even if it is my first time to have this….but I will do my best to entertain you all….😊😊……And yes my website is all about food ……and for more info. Please do visit in my web.😊…..Thanks for reading….Godbless you all….😊

Food for Christmas💓

Advance merry christmas to all!!!!! Days right now really pass by in just a snap. We cant believe that its already christmas.And during this event it is our habit that all of the family member will gathered and celebrate the special day together.

That day is not completed without a food that will be share to everyone, and one of the perfect food to be the center of the table is ham.

Its pretty expensive but its very delicious. The meal will be more memorable if your eating it with your whole family and have some deep conversation to each other.

Perfect food after “Night mass”

Presenting you all…….bibingka!!!! 😍😍……….. bibingka is one of the traditional philippine christmas food. It is soft and spongy large flat cake that is slightly charred on both surface and has a unique aroma of toasted banana leaves.

It is usually eaten along with puto bumbong right after the “Night Mass” or the Misa de Gallo. It is sold aout side of the churches during nine-day novena for worshippers to eat for breakfast.

It is sweet, affordable and can be eat hot or warm. Sometimes my mother would by some of this just for meriemda, and me with my sibling really enjoy to eat it together with a cold softdrinks.

One of the world class food that is found in the philippines

When there is a e celebrations like weddings, birthdays, fiesta, christmas, holidays and etc.different types of foods and desserts are present in the table but any of this event LECHON will never be absent.

It is already tradition to have this in the table during events. And for me the best part of this food is its crunchy, brownish mouth watery skin. I really love to eat that part because even if there’s no rice or other food as long as I have that part, it already completed my meal. Lechon takes an hours to prepare but it is worth to wait.

Its not surprising that this food is popular to other countries because not only Filipinos are crazy to this dish…foreigns are crazy too! Because ones you tried this food, it is for sure that it will make you crave for more.

One of the street food in philippines

Turon…………………is one the most common Filipino snack that Filipino eat during merienda time. It is made from a thin slice or half slice of a banana,wrap with a wrapper and cook a under very high heat of oil with sugar. It is delicious, satisfying, crunchy and nutritious too!

Turon is somewhat like our lumpia in here but this two is very different. Turon has only banana inside on it while the lumpia has a vegetable or meat inside. The recipe turon is very easy to make thats way there are so many vendors here in the philippines that sells turon.

At our school this is one of my snack because aside that it is delicious it it also affordable. You can enjoy to eat this with your friends while chitchatting with something. Try this one….you will never regret!

Poulet frit😊

Hey everyone im back!……heheheheeh

Now….I’ll be going to share to you about FRIED CHICKEN😍😍😍….. I know that all of you are very so familiar with that food right? Its so very delicious and juicy.

I really love to eat fried chicken. It really satisfy my cravings on food. Fried chicken is my one of the top partner of my rice eitheir breakfast,lunch,and dinner. Everytime I pass by to the place where there are fried chicken, my mouth automatically waters. It makes me eager to grab one of that and swallow it down to my stomach.

This photo makes me hunger right now😍….so stay tuned readers…..I will be sharing more different types of delicious foods.


Hello everyoneee!!:) So the photos below are one of my favorite food:)……..hehehhhehe its was called Balut. Balut is one of the most popular Filipino food in the philippines.:) By eating balut you can get so many nutrients and can satisfy your hunger too!!:).

When I was a kid I really dont like to eat balut because I dont like the way I think that I eat small duck raw, for me its so very disgusting. But as I grow up, and saw my dad who also love to eat balut, really likes the way it tastes,it triggered my curiosity to try. At first I hesitate but when I eat it, surprisingly I like it. And from that day I continue to eat balut,twice a week or more.

Here are one of my stolen shoots holding and preparing to eat balut. This is one of our pass time with my boyfriend after school. Its really good guyss I tell you. As I try to eat one of those,it makes me crave for more. But in one day I only eat 2 balut because its not good to our health to eat beyond 2. That was a warning from my tita which is a nurse,so even if I love to eat more sad to say I always stick to my limitations.:)..So guyyyysss I encourage you to try this onee!!!:) Its very deliciousssss!!:)

Welcome to my blog! :)

Good day readers! This is my first time to have this blog so I hope you will enjoy.

First of all I would like to say sorry for the upcoming updates that will take long because im not really into posting things but I will try my best to do so. And by the way, sorry for my wrong grammars hahaha I’m hoping for your consideration. So my blog is about food and I hope that you will be with me in every blog that I will post. Come with me and lets explore about my favorite things in the world foooddddd :D.

Be happy to read this blog. I hope I can entertain you. Godlbless!