Perfect food after “Night mass”

Presenting you all…….bibingka!!!! 😍😍……….. bibingka is one of the traditional philippine christmas food. It is soft and spongy large flat cake that is slightly charred on both surface and has a unique aroma of toasted banana leaves. It is usually eaten along with puto bumbong right after the “Night Mass” or the Misa de Gallo. […]

One of the world class food that is found in the philippines

When there is a e celebrations like weddings, birthdays, fiesta, christmas, holidays and etc.different types of foods and desserts are present in the table but any of this event LECHON will never be absent. It is already tradition to have this in the table during events. And for me the best part of this food […]

Poulet frit😊

Hey everyone im back!……heheheheeh Now….I’ll be going to share to you about FRIED CHICKEN😍😍😍….. I know that all of you are very so familiar with that food right? Its so very delicious and juicy. I really love to eat fried chicken. It really satisfy my cravings on food. Fried chicken is my one of the […]


Hello everyoneee!!:) So the photos below are one of my favorite food:)……..hehehhhehe its was called Balut. Balut is one of the most popular Filipino food in the philippines.:) By eating balut you can get so many nutrients and can satisfy your hunger too!!:). When I was a kid I really dont like to eat balut […]

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