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Hello everyoneee!!:) So the photos below are one of my favorite food:)……..hehehhhehe its was called Balut. Balut is one of the most popular Filipino food in the philippines.:) By eating balut you can get so many nutrients and can satisfy your hunger too!!:).

When I was a kid I really dont like to eat balut because I dont like the way I think that I eat small duck raw, for me its so very disgusting. But as I grow up, and saw my dad who also love to eat balut, really likes the way it tastes,it triggered my curiosity to try. At first I hesitate but when I eat it, surprisingly I like it. And from that day I continue to eat balut,twice a week or more.

Here are one of my stolen shoots holding and preparing to eat balut. This is one of our pass time with my boyfriend after school. Its really good guyss I tell you. As I try to eat one of those,it makes me crave for more. But in one day I only eat 2 balut because its not good to our health to eat beyond 2. That was a warning from my tita which is a nurse,so even if I love to eat more sad to say I always stick to my limitations.:)..So guyyyysss I encourage you to try this onee!!!:) Its very deliciousssss!!:)

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